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Things to do

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a naturally beautiful, simple and unspoilt part of the world: walk, swim, read, sleep, meditate, dream; eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh seafood; breathe fresh, fresh air.

Snorkel in clear, warm water and see an amazing pristine underwater world of incredible diversity - coral and fish and hundreds of other marine creatures.

Glide across the water in an outrigger – watch fishermen catching fish using spears in the traditional way (maybe learn to do it yourself!). See pods of dolphins, migratory whales; visit villages and beaches around the coast, see another way of life.

Climb to the highest peak on Atauro – the summit of the sacred Mt. Manucoco (997m) – pass through grasslands and rainforests, mountain villages and traditional gardens.

Hike around the coast or over the hills to the west coast of Atauro with its sparkling white
crushed coral beaches
and close to shore reef gardens; stay
in remote villages as guests
of local communities and see traditional craft work being made.

Go fishing – with lure, line or rod (bring your own) or try the traditional way with a spear. Bring back your fish or squid or lobster to be roasted over hot coals by yourself or Snr Jonico, our Tua Koin cook.

Ride a bicycle along the east coast of the island (bicycles can be hired at Tua Koin) from Vila to Akrema on the northern tip.

Learn basket-weaving from the Makili or Macadade women and take home your own basketware

Go bird-watching along the coast and in the hills. We can supply a list of identified Atauro birds some of which are exclusive to the island.

Play in the lagoon in a dug-out canoe – learn how to paddle and direct it out to the reef.

Go scuba-diving on some of the best and untouched coral reefs in the world (we can arrange diving trips with diving companies from Dili).

At night listen to the ancient traditional singing of the elders or the music of the young people (by request); go to Makili by outrigger in the moonlight to see traditional dancing OR just amuse yourself in an old-fashioned way – strum guitar, play board games or sit on a deserted beach watching a golden moon rise out of the sea.

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