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Our accommodation facilities are simple, attractive and in keeping
with our eco-principles :

  • all buildings use renewable local materials
  • water use is minimized in keeping with the limited water availability
    on Atauro
  • grey water is recycled to garden plants
  • lighting is solar-powered
  • waste is managed by recycling (including compost toilets)

Sleeping :

Tua Koin Eco-Village is eight thatched bamboo cabins – some with large
open verandahs and some two-level (based on the traditional Atauro corn-storage
houses) – all facing a quiet bay on the edge of Vila Village . The cabins
are surrounded by coconut and lontar palms which line the beach. Linen,
towels and mosquito nets are provided.

Bathrooms :

There are two large garden bathrooms (each serves 4 cabins). As water is
scarce on the island the bathrooms use the ‘scoop’ system which
is ideal for the hot climate and also minimizes water use. The thatched bathrooms,
while ensuring privacy, are opened roofed . . . so you bathe under a warm blue
sky or in the silver light of the moon.

Dining :

Our large open dining room / recreation area is in the centre of the village
and faces the sea. Simple buffet meals – using fresh, local produce -
are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee, tea and water are
available on a help-yourself–basis throughout the day.

Recreational Facilities :

Relaxing around Tua Koin - we have a library of fiction
and non-fiction books including marine-life and bird identification books which
are available for guests. For quiet days and nights we also have a good supply
of board games (chess, checkers, scrabble etc), jig-saw puzzles and a guitar
or two. We have hammocks for stringing up under our beachside shelters where
you can relax and catch the breeze. A traditional Atauro healer can ease away
your tensions, aches and pains with therapeutic coconut oil or herbal massage

Sea Play - we have good quality snorkelling equipment (masks,
snorkels and fins) for hire; a dug-out canoe is available for playing in the
lagoon or paddling around the reef and a motorized outrigger is available for
exploring areas further off-shore.

Scuba Diving – we can assist you to organize diving
excursions with Dili-based registered Dive Companies which will pick you up
and return you to Tua Koin

Hiking – guides are available to take you hiking in
the mountains or across the island. These can be one, two or three day hikes.
Simple sleeping shelters are provided for overnight stays in mountain or west
coast villages.

Bicycles – although there are not many roads on Atauro
you can hire bicycles to explore the east coast from Vila Village to Akrema
Village . There are few cars to bother you and your excursion can be leisurely,
giving you time to explore the island and make friends with people you meet
on the road or in the villages you pass through.